Hangzhou NeoDen Technology Co.,Ltd was  a developer and manufacturer of pick and place machine, NeoDen Tech provides SMT solutions all over the globe to a wide range of companies from start-ups to large multinational organizations, especially start-up owners, electronics engineers and lab researchers, those who want to do prototyping and medium-large batch production with a limited budget.
        NeoDen Tech is not only specialized in Pick & Place machine, but also help to provide reflow oven, stencil printer and conveyor to satisfy customer’s need of a completed SMT production line.
        So far, more than 5,000 PnP machines have been sold to a wide range of industries from IoT industry, LED industry, electronics industry, security industry and communication industry, etc.
        More than 10 oversea agents are set up to provide efficient local support in EU area, India, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Columbia, Iran, Brazil and Turkey.
         The solutions we design and manufacture incorporate the best operational practices, technical innovations, and global standards while preserving existing investments.
About Us
Hangzhou NeoDen Technology Co.,Ltd.
        Playing a role in meeting these needs is both a challenge and a privilege.  
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